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art journal for exodus.sandwich.net
updated in lieu of exodus w/ works in progress & news
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20th-Apr-2006 09:54 pm - greek life

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Much to his dismay, Johnny's streak of good luck deserted him by the end of the night, when he left the party without Tracy and instead went home to a nasty bout of explosive diarrhea and an empty bed.
24th-Mar-2006 05:30 pm - so i've been watching bleach
irony: studying for finals, i wished for free time, but now that i've got it, i have nothing exciting to do!

yes i was amused by yoruichi's true form! called it though :D

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i drew this fanart several weeks ago after reading some particularly good evangelion fanfics :)
i did the lines in ps soon after and started coloring, but completely forgot about it until last night.

i've been drawing this type of eyes lately, and i like it cause it's very simple, without going overboard into the deer-in-headlights look that is stereotypical of anime-style art (which i like too...but i personally can't really pull it off). going for a very simple shading style. :D am also very lazy.

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14th-Aug-2005 02:19 pm - yossui fanart :D

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14th-Aug-2005 02:04 am - YOSSUI fanart in progress :)
Man, i love Yossui! *_* so here's the work in progress screenshot of a fanart i just drew and am beginning to color.

again, i can't really capture what she's really like...and i drew her with longer hair although she hasn't had it for a while. :O i don't care! it's the thought that counts, anyway :)

i drew this picture while listening to an audio cd of Danielle Steel's The Cottage. it is a very strange story about a 70 year old aging playboy/actor type guy. and he still got young chicks! she's not a very good writer, IMHO. but what do i know? i just borrowed it from the library and ripped it to my pod so i could listen to something while washing the dishes and use it to fall asleep to at night. worked quite well, actually. haha.

anyway. yossui yossui yossui :) i'm a tad obsessed so expect a lot of fanart of the many faces of yossui. :D
10th-Aug-2005 12:16 am - hello!project fanart community is up!
yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D



first button is from a new aibon & nono sketch i'm planning on finalizing soon :D omglooknewart! finally. :) :) :)
31st-Jul-2005 01:44 am - pietà
i've been drawing a lot of h!p fanart lately (and still more to come!) but here's a pietà fanart i drew yesterday while reading. i stopped during one of the more angsty moments and started drawing it. text on the side comes from that moment. :) don't you feel dumb when you start getting into the story and getting all worried for the characters? i do, at least :P but at the same time, i sort of like the feeling! its strange :) at least, i like it when the ending is nice too, and in this case, it was.

i really like rio & sahoko. :) i don't know if i'll CG this picture, i like the sketchy simplicity of it.

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28th-Jul-2005 02:57 pm - updated the deviant art with:

full version here
nono fanart!


full version here

p.s. any fellow hello! project fanartists reading this? is anyone interested in starting a h!p fanart community with me? comment here if so :)
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