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art journal for exodus.sandwich.net
updated in lieu of exodus w/ works in progress & news
finally updating with a non-hellopro fanart :D 
3rd-Sep-2005 01:47 pm
i drew this fanart several weeks ago after reading some particularly good evangelion fanfics :)
i did the lines in ps soon after and started coloring, but completely forgot about it until last night.

i've been drawing this type of eyes lately, and i like it cause it's very simple, without going overboard into the deer-in-headlights look that is stereotypical of anime-style art (which i like too...but i personally can't really pull it off). going for a very simple shading style. :D am also very lazy.

28th-Sep-2005 06:45 am (UTC) - Haha, what a new style
This is Justin Chang
the boy who follows ur brother around
I'm a EVA fan
and I think ur arts really unique
at least its a totally diffrent style then the original
nice job!
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